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(Parma, 27 February 2017) – Among the artefacts on display there is a rare 18th-century pram inlaid in gold that belonged to a member of the Austrian royal house and used to be pulled by a goat kid. A dazzling 2.20-meter cabinet of the same period in semi-precious stones, marble and lapis lazuli captures the eye. As does an old 1970s telephone trapped in a bakelite cube, next to an extravagant lamp by the US architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Modern antiques are displayed with contemporary art: from “Still Life” (1952) by Fausto Pirandello to a sketch by Capogrossi, to Andy War hold’s “dollar” to works by Fontana and Depero, as well as a very rare photo by Weegee of a young Louis Armstrong quenching his thirst with an ice-cold beer. DOWNLOAD