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(Parma, October 13th 2014) Success. This is the key-word with which the XXXIII edition of Mercanteinfiera, the international exhibition about antiques and modernariat of Fiere di Parma, ended on Sunday October 12th.

Born under a lucky star that is the agreement with US Antique, the biggest American organizer of antiques fairs that has guaranteed to Fiere di Parma the strong presence of American buyers, the show has been the destination of thousands of international buyers ( + 10% vs Autumn edition 2013) from Russia, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, France and England, plus others significant presences of autonomous international delegations coming from Korea.

Also 51,000 visitors and 5,000 professional operators have crossed the turnstiles of Fiere di Parma, confirming the growth.

Many curiosities have bewitched the international audience, from the armchair “Horn and Antlers” to the nineteenth-century wax anatomies by Baptiste Tramond, to the nineteenth-century cabinet-making, confirming a more and more strong trend: on the one hand high antique trade for Russian and Turkish people, on the other hand modern art for European and American.

Mercanteinfiera is an attractive show, and this is revealed not only by the numerous participations but also by the almost 31,000 likes on Facebook, which are a further confirmation that the Parmesan fair format is successful: a market in which the purchase is not only a trade but also a “sensory experience” where finding a unique piece is important as discovering its origin and history.

The numbers are not the only signs of this success. This edition has also been the debut of Mercanteinfiera OFF, a valiant cultural project, conceived by Fiere di Parma and the Municipality in collaboration with Corraini publishing house, which will liven the city up with events, shows and cultural debates.

The exhibition “Sfogliare stanze. Munari e alter storie per raccontare Corraini Edizioni” is going on successfully and this is the reason why it has been decided to extend it until January. Very important also the meetings in San Ludovico Gallery, that will host the actor Giuseppe Cederna next week.

To close this autumn edition, the assignment of Mercanteinfiera Award 2014, conceived in 2013 by the Fair organizers for those who try to make the difference in the artistic and cultural world with passion and dedication.

This year the winner, together with the artist Tea falco, has been the Cultural Association Others for the innovative project Mo.Re, a digital museum dedicated to the preservation of the unrealized art projects. Marco Scotti from Mo.Re was rewarded with a Guido Scarabattolo’s illustrative work by Fabio Toninelli, president of the cultural association Tapirulan from Cremona, born in 2004 with the purpose of promoting the contemporary artists.

The work by Scarabattolo, which represents a man peeking beyond a wall, wants to epitomize the difference between those who can look “beyond”, toward the future in order to create something new and those who are anchored to their own certainty.

Mo.Re, through its work, embodies perfectly this ambition of those able to make the difference in art as in life.


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