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The publishing house Corraini donates to the Municipality some of the books displayed at Pigorini Palace – Fiere di Parma, after transforming the city into a cultural hub, is already looking forward to and planning for the next edition of Mercanteinfiera OFF.

(Parma, 29 January 2015)  On Tuesday, January 13, about 4,500 people attended the last day of the exhibition at Pigorini Palace, “Browsing through Rooms. Munari and other stories from Corraini Edizioni”, an exhibition that wanted to create a journey among artists who marked the history of the famous Mantua publishing house.
Organized jointly by Fiere di Parma, the publishing house Corraini and the Municipality of Parma, the exhibition gave Parma an intellectual event with international flavour, and took place within the first edition of Mercanteinfiera OFF, a veritable cultural project conceived by the exhibition centre with the aim of creating new synergies with the city.
Mercanteinfiera OFF organized alongside Browsing through Rooms a series of meetings in the San Ludovico Gallery which saw well-known Italian cultural figures get together in Parma between September and November 2014 to narrate a modern take on art collecting through design, literature, multimedia and music. Giuseppe Cederna, Dacia Maraini, Franco Maria Ricci, Denis Santachiara and Stefania Bertola were just some of the guests.
The brand new “art salon”, which altogether attracted 5000 visitors, created a “virtuous triangle” between Parma, its territory and the exhibition centre, turning the city not just into a key place for international art collecting and antiquarian business but also into a destination of excellence for new kinds of cultural tourism.
“The experience that just ended gave us great satisfaction – says Ilaria Dazzi, Mercanteinfiera Brand Manager – It was a successful experiment that rewards everyone: the organizers because of its success with the public and the city of Parma, which showed an extraordinary ability to open itself to new and challenging projects that can enhance it culturally and economically.”
“Contributing to the organization of this exhibition of great artistic and cultural value, – says Laura Maria Ferraris, Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Parma – is an honour for me, because it represents a successful example of a multi-faceted and complete project that also became an opportunity to further explore side themes and that had the merit of being able to ‘talk’ to everyone: from preschoolers to adults, from a public of art lovers to one of people simply interested and curious about the event. The Pigorini Palace space, skilfully adapted to exhibition needs, has proved to be the perfect location where to recount the more than forty years of the artistic history of this great publishing house.”
Private citizens, families and tourists, but also students and schools, all without exception were spellbound by the artists who celebrated the history of the Corraini publishing house and animated the Pigorini Palace exhibition: Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari, Giosetta Fioroni, just to mention a few.
A focused and reflective exhibition where Bruno Munari’s famous Useless machines were followed by his books Little Yellow Riding Hood and Little Green Riding Hood and by Enzo Mari’s sketches for Fairy Tale Game and his assembly patterns for self-designing furniture.
A world of art, a universe of books, some of which the publishing house Corraini has decided to donate to Libraries in the city, not just in memory of the exhibition but so that young people, browsing through them, can widen the horizons of their knowledge and perhaps even draw inspiration from them for their own lives.
After this success, Fiere di Parma is already thinking ahead to the next edition of Mercateinfiera OFF. An event for everyone, set for Autumn 2015.

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