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From Saturday, February 25th to Sunday, March 5th, Fiere di Parma hosts Mercanteinfiera, the oldest art, modern antiques and vintage collectibles event in Europe.

Ilaria Dazzi, Brand Manager: “Each object here has its own narrative. We offer different objects and styles as well as a breakthrough into the world of the young”

Atelier is launched: Mercanteinfiera’s permanent showcase of artefacts for sale

(Parma, 23 February 2017) – The exhibition will see hundreds of buyers coming from around the world, one thousand exhibitors, two collateral events organized with two Italian museums, and the cultural fuorisalone that will begin in the spring and involve the city of Parma, through a project designed by the writer Gianluigi Ricuperati. There will also be modern antiques, the most iconic artefacts of vintage collectibles, from Louis Vuitton trunks to the Hermès Kelly bag and other conversation pieces that no sensible woman would ever consider ephemeral. Finally, it will include an increasingly young and cosmopolitan public seeking for a unique piece to buy or simply chasing something new. DOWNLOAD