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For the autumnal edition of Mercanteinfiera 2016 (Parma, 1-9 October 2016), the CSAC Archive-Museum of the University of Parma is offering discounts and services to all visitors and exhibitors at the show.
The CSAC collects and conserves within its own site, the historical Valserena Abbey, original materials of visual communication and Italian art and design research from the first decades of XX century subdivided into sections: Fine Art, Photography, Media, Design and Visual Arts.

For its first year open to the public as the Archives-Museum, the CSAC has redesigned the museum display, exhibiting new items from their own extraordinary archives of 12 million pieces as well as a number of works of art, such as the installation Early Dynastic, reinstalled by the same artist Giulio Paolini, one of the most important exponents of Italian Arte Povera, La porta con l’ombra by Giuseppe Uncini, known for his iron and cement sculptures, and the minimalist works of Gianfranco Pardi. By Lucio Fontana, along with his gypsum and gold sculpture Il Fiocinatore, are a series of figure studies, caricature illustrations and portraits by the artist, founder of the Spatialism movement.

In October, the Pittura Materia Téchne Chapel will be refurbished with five paintings by Concetto Pozzati, including a new acquisition from the “Ciao Roberta” cycle. Sketches and drawings from the same cycle may be viewed in the archive drawers in the Sala delle Colonne.

In 2016 CSAC entered into partnership with the Mercanteinfiera antiques fair organised by Fiera di Parma, in which more than a thousand exhibitors, from all the European antiques marketplaces, exhibit their own modern and antique collectors’ items to tens of thousands of professional visitors, collectors and lovers of nostalgia.

CSAC Archive-Museum programme and facilities for visitors with Mercantinfiera tickets or exhibitors’ badges:

– entry to Valserena Abbey, home of the Archive-Museum CSAC, € 5
– guided tour € 10 available at the following times: Saturday and Sunday at 11 am and 4 pm without reservation; from Tuesday to Friday, bookings advisable.

The above prices are applicable to visitors with either a Mercanteinfiera ticket or an exhibitors’ badge.