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Collateral exhibition at Mercanteinfiera Autumn 2017


Secrets of queens, queens of secrets

Together with the Museo di Palazzo Reale of Genova

What were the most cherished items by queens? What were the products that a special life and refined manufacture made unique? A journey through the memories of Maria Luisa, Margherita di Savoia and other queens to discover how the art ennobled quirks and habitual gestures.

In collaboration with Palazzo Reale di Genova and the director Serena Bertolucci, Fiere di Parma opens the doors to an exciting women’s itinerary drawn from a far-away, yet slightly glamorous daily life, which combines collecting with the taste for particular aspects, the unusual detail that turned great women extraordinary into contemporary examples.


A collateral exhibition at Mercanteinfiera Autunno 2016, at Fiere di Parma, from 1st to 9th October  – Booth 4




Segreti di regine, regine di segreti



Muses on stage. A century of curtains and backdrops of the stage designers from Parma for Maria Luigia’s theatre    

by Alessandro Malinverni, Alberto Nodolini and Carlo Mambriani

At the Accademia di Belle Arti of Parma – founded in 1752 by Borbone and restored just 200 years ago (1816) by the duchess Maria Luigia d’Asburgo after the Napoleonic period – a skilful figure, decoration and scene design school established itself, whose main exponents intensively collaborated to the theatre life of the town. In the Nuovo Teatro (nowadays Regio) – built by the Duchess and opened in 1829 – a vast group of academic artists has engaged in designing curtains and backdrops for decades. It is shown by this succinct, yet emblema tic exhibition focused on a series of sketches for nineteenth-century curtains set in the magnificent acoustic chambre provided by the Regio – a sumptuous, yet elegant taste carried to extremes, which was typical of the school set by Girolamo Magnani in mid-nineteenth century. As part of the year dedicated to the celebration of the two hundred years since Maria Luigia’s arrival in Parma sponsored by the Municipality of Parma, the town celebrates the female figure who – not only at local level – has made her presence truly indelible and unmistakable. The collateral exhibition will investigate the profile not only of a famous female figure, but first and foremost the aspect of a town and its artistic and cultural development with an artistic approach where the bond with Teatro Regio and its history cannot but stand out. Fiere di Parma responds to this celebration by collaborating to this important collateral exhibition, with prestigious works on display, and a critical survey of absolute prominence.


A collateral exhibition at Mercanteinfiera Primavera 2016 – Booth 4





Maria Luigia




Art parma

October, 1-2 and 7-8-9
5th Edition, Modern and Contemporary Art Fair