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MoRE spaces. Percorsi nell'archivio del non realizzato.

MoRE spaces. Percorsi nell’archivio del non realizzato.

When art crosses its natural boundaries, the result sees a top-flight antiques and modern antiques exhibition embracing the most dynamic areas of the city. In so doing the exhibition finds a “voice” in the stories told by illustrious figures from the world of culture: directors, photographers and designers, not to mention critics and lecturers.

This is the manifesto inspired by the word “experimentation”, which sums up Mercanteinfiera OFF 2015, the cultural fringe event devised by Fiere di Parma and Parma City Council. The event was presented this afternoon at Palazzo Pigorini in the presence of the Councillor for Culture Laura Maria Ferraris, the General Secretary of Fiere di Parma Marcella Pedroni, and the Director of Parma University’s CSAC centre for the performing arts, Luigi Allegri. In fact, following the runaway success notched up last autumn, the fringe event will once again be returning to Parma from 25 September to 31 October.

Set against the backdrop of Palazzo Pigorini, visitors will be able to enjoy a cutting-edge exhibition dedicated to “unfinished” works by international artists, the heritage of the MoRE Digital Museum of REfused and unrealised art projects, www.moremuseum.org. They will also be able to take part in a cycle of conferences held by leading cultural figures who will be unveiling reasons, secrets and quirks linked to other “unrealised works”.

The exhibition spans over 30 works left “uncompleted” by artists who, over time, managed to make a name for themselves in the national and international cultural scene. MoRE is now returning to a topic it first broached in 2014 when, thanks to this pioneering project, it won the Mercanteinfiera Prize. At Palazzo Pigorini, the public will be able to discover a series of projects from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries which were never completed owing to technical, logistical, ideological, economic, moral or ethical reasons, or simply because they proved impossible. All the works are of course preserved within the digital museum’s collection.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge and is the brainchild of Elisabetta Modena and Marco Scotti (who also first conceived the MoRE museum itself), Valentina Rossi and Anna Zinelli. The works on display, made using composite materials presented in a variety of forms, aim to reveal all the potential of this new digital resource, founded based on the concept of usage unlimited by time or space. It is a resource which is stimulating debate about the contemporary art system, opening up further potential for enquiry and reflection.

The unrealised projects on display will include “unresolved” works such as Stelle e lucciole by Franco Guerzoni and Luigi Ghirri donated to the MoRE by Guerzoni in 2015and first conceived between 1969 and the early Seventies, works never completed by international artists such as Erwin Wurm, with the renders and design boards for a major installation entitled Big Suit Departing conceived in 2010 for Berlin’s Schönefeld airport, and recent offerings by the latest generation of artists such as Cloakroom Workshop by Sissi, the project conceived for London’s Frieze fair in 2013. Not to mention Valerio Berruti, Davide Bertocchi, David Casini, CRASH! (Scott King & Matthew Worley), Matthew Darbyshire, Regina José Galindo, Goldschmied & Chiari, Ugo La Pietra, Claudia Losi, Eva Marisaldi, Jonathan Monk, Liliana Moro, Giovanni Ozzola, Cesare Pietroiusti, Luigi Presicce, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio, Luca Trevisani, Massimo Uberti, Luca Vitone, Erwin Wurm & Coop Himmelb(l)au. The incomplete projects will be appearing alongside interventions and installations purposely conceived for this exhibition, such as Oriente Moderno by Flavio Favelli linked to the project entitled La porta di Milano, conceived in 2009 for an international competition.

The “unrealised” works will also be the focal point of MoRE Talks, a cycle of talks also scheduled to take place at Palazzo Pigorini (free entry).These will be showcasing projects, including installations, books or even recipes, which have never actually been concluded. The exhibition was inaugurated this afternoon at 6.30pm by Modena chef Luca Marchini, who took part in a dialogue oppositeAlberto Salarelli on Uncompleted works in the kitchen, and mixologist Oscar Quagliarini who, together with Corrado Beldì, presented his journey, “The quest for the impossible cocktail”.

The next appointment with MoRE talks is scheduled for Monday 28 September at 6.30 pm with “File not found: archives from paper to digital”, a talk held in conjunction with the CSAC of Parma University and which will see another top guest appearing at Palazzo Pigorini: the Director of Harvard’s metaLAB, Jeffrey T. Schnapp.

Other key figures taking part will include music critic Giampiero Cane (Saturday 3 October), University lecturer Anna Dolfi (Sunday 4), film director Paolo Benvenuti (Friday 23), designer Andrea Branzi (Friday 30), and photographers Silvia Lelli and Roberto Masotti (Saturday 31).

This original proposal is an all-new, high profile event which interprets the new challenge being taken up by our trade fair to perfection,” explains Marcella Pedroni, General Secretary of Fiere di Parma. “The idea is in fact to create a strong alliance with the local area, taking art outside the confines of an exhibition of modern collectables and antiques, and instead making it accessible to an increasingly vast and youthful audience. In this particular case, Fiere di Parma has set out to support artistic experimentation as a means of turning the city into an international hotbed for raising the profile of cultural heritage.”

The fringe event will be held at the same time as the international fair dedicated to antiques, modern antiques and collectables, Mercanteinfiera (3-11 October), this year at its 34th edition and held by Fiere di Parma within its fair grounds.


Dates: 25 September – 31 October 2015

Location: Palazzo Pigorini, Parma. First Floor.

Times: Wed-Fri 10am-1pm, 3pm-7pm| Sat-Sun 10am-7pm

Free entry


At Palazzo Pigorini, Str. della Repubblica (Parma)