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Sarah Moon. Qui e Ora. Ici et Maintenant.


On the occasion of the annual Mercanteinfiera Award, and thanks to the City of Parma, the opening exhibition in Parma’s Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale’s new gallery for photography was been Sarah Moon. Qui e Ora – Ici et Maintenant curated by Carla Sozzani.

“Sarah Moon. Qui e Ora – Ici et Maintenant” is the first encounter of an artist, unedited and intense, with the frescoes and the sculptures of the Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale inside the Parco Ducale of Parma to inaugurate a new and evolving dialogue between contemporary photography and this space.

Sarah Moon’s visual investigations into the passage of time and its effect on beauty has won her world renown in the field of contemporary photography. The title “Qui e Ora – Ici et Maintenant” (Here and Now) has been chosen by Sarah Moon to open a dialogue between her photographs and the building of Eucherio Sanvitale in Parma.

Sarah Moon and Carla Sozzani date their friendship back over 40 years when they worked together on assignments for Vogue Italia Magazine and then Elle. Upon the opening of Gallerie Carla Sozzani, Sarah Moon’s first exhibition there was held in 1996 “120 photographs” curated by the Centre National de la Photographie of Paris. This was followed by the exhibition “Photographies” in 2002 and the exhibition “Fil rouge” in 2006.

Her secret alphabet references a sphere of emotion and intimacy, and she stages for the camera her own images of reality, filtered through her memory and the unconscious. This non-narrative language evokes moments, feelings, coincidences, and beauty.

Sarah Moon’s visions unveil her enchanted world of poetic images. Little is known about her and she rarely speaks about herself, hidden under an almost always present cap to conceal her fragile and delicate shyness. The mystery of her photographs, their tense drama and yet reserved and faded surfaces seem to reveal an entire world through a bright opening, somehow suspended between sunlight and shadow.

“From the beginning, I have always tried to escape from the coded language of glamour. What I was looking for was more intimate. The “behind-the-scenes” interested me, a sort of suspension of the breath before a gesture is completed, a sort of a slow motion … like that of women who turn away from the shoulders” – Sarah Moon wrote in her book, Coincidences, published by Delpire in 2001.


Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale (Parma) – from 16 September to 30 October 2016