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Mercanteinfiera in Città

Mercanteincittà: Browsing Rooms. Munari and other stories, telling the tale of Corraini Edizioni

Art (and design) to browse through and collect: Mercanteinfiera and the City of Parma present the exhibition-event dedicated to the Corraini Edizioni gallery and publishing house, and to the winner of the first Mercanteinfiera Prize, Marzia Corraini.

From 27 September to 9 November, Parma will host two key events that will officially mark the opening of a new phase for the city and for the events themselves: thanks to the partnership with the City of Parma, Palazzo Pigorini will host Browsing Rooms. Munari and other stories, telling the tale of Corraini Edizioni. This show will cover more than four decades of artistic and publishing adventures, accompanied by a series of events in the Galleria San Ludovico dedicated to various aspects of forty years of activity in the worlds of art, publishing and culture.

The show, which is free of charge, will be set out like the chapters of a book: in each room, a part of the story of the Corraini family will be revisited, in a story which is still evolving. The show will also include important works by artists who have been part of the publisher’s past: Enzo Mari, Bruno Munari and Giosetta Fioroni, to name just a few.

The show aims to be more than a simple recognition of the achievement of Marzia Corraini, founder (with Maurizio Corraini) of the publishing house. It hopes to communicate the passion of a life dedicated to culture, art and books. This passion will be presented to visitors through the combined vision of the productive collaboration between Fiere di Parma, Corraini Edizioni and the City of Parma, with the aim of promoting the culture of graphic and figurative art.

Among the many collaborations supporting this event we find that of CSAC of Parma, one of the most important archives of the history of Italian art. Important pieces from their outstanding collection will be key elements in certain parts of our shows.

The event calendar at the San Ludovico Gallery, which is also open to the public free of charge, will be released in early September. There will be plenty of collaborations and things to see, giving professionals in the field, the general public and tourists the chance to immerse themselves in all that Mercanteinfiera and the Parma region have to offer.

Daily updates will be available at www.mercanteinfiera.it and on the related social network pages.

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