An amazing collateral event dedicated to the world of vintage cars and motorcycles.
During the first weekend of Mercanteinfiera Fall, Fiere di Parma invites you to visit the section dedicated to the world of classic cars and its forms.

The fifth edition of Mercanteinauto will therefore take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October: the world of automobile collectors will be gathering at Fiere di Parma for the opening weekend (1-2 October) of Mercanteinfiera.

Along with automobilia and vehicle parts, there will be many attractions for car lovers from all over the world. Firstly, Claudio Baroni, one of the biggest car collectors worldwide, will be exhibiting some models from the collection. Ten period Mercedes-Benz will be displayed inside Pavilion 2, celebrating the lines, the power and the design of a brand that was a favourite with Steve Jobs, but also Italian cinematography. We need simply recall that it was in a Mercedes 200 that Alberto Sordi and Carlo Verdone, father and son, had fun travelling the length and breadth of Italy, capturing the whole country in the hit film “In viaggio con papà” (1982), directed by Sordi himself.
You can also see the exquisite Sunbeam 1.6 H.P Sport 1930, the only example in the world of this English model. The car’s history is particularly special: in 1976 it ended up in Singapore where it was adapted to take part in motor races. “Rescued” and restored in England in 2004, since 2011 it has been part of the Baroni collection.

Not only Mercedes: various vintage Maserati models will also be exhibited, and thanks to the partnership with Autozatti, the Maserati Ghibli will be on display for all to admire. Sculpted shapes, clearly defined forms and connections formed of straight lines create movement in this design that dazzles and delights. Innovation creates perfect models.
And there is no contrast here between the older models, with their charm and imperfections, and the refined technology that produced the Ghibli. Indeed, even the most casual observer can sense the continuity between past and the future, brought together here at Mercanteinauto.

An interesting exhibition from Registro Fiat as well as some historical military vehicles will add to the fascinating mix this autumn 2016.

The Parma stage of the Mille Miglia antique car race will be revived through the photographs of Francesca Bocchia, Davide Cavalli and Fabrizio Effedueotto who have chosen to capture the long wait, the sensations experienced in the squares and throughout the charming villages on that Saturday, May 21, when the air filled is with the reassuring rumble of engines.

At Fiere di Parma, 1-2 October – Pavilion 2.


1000 miglia – 21 may 2016