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OltreMercante, where photograhy meets Mercanteinfiera.

OltreMercante, a brand new exhibition organized by Fiere di Parma in order to give a voice and exposure to local (and national) emergent artists will take place during the upcoming Spring edition of Mercanteinfiera 2015, thus bringing a different view on contemporary art.

The first edition of this exhibition will involve two photographers based in Parma, Ettore Moni and Davide Bona: you will be able to browse their shots at the Buyers Lounge in pavillion no.4 from February 26th to March 8th.



Ettore Moni

ETTORE MONI is a Parma (Italy) based photographer, documents contemporary visions of urban landscape and personal project whit a large-format camera (4×5).
No post-production intervention was carried out for these pictures. I love portraying natural and urban landscapes and I adore to detect the signs of the changes that mankind has been carrying out. These changes are frequently not aimed at improving our lifestyles: they are nothing but signs. Humans are absent. They have left their signs, their tracks and I like to evoke individuals through their intervention on landscape. Land, that individuals frequently do not live.



Suspended houses
An architectural and anthropological research along the banks of the river Po. Attentive to the landscape, but focused on housing. Stilts, boats, barges beached like whales. Hanging houses in a world a part. Details on the border with the city, because it is dis­ covered that you want to talk to them, the mansion built by the mighty river. The hanging houses. Between everything that moves constantly and the will of man to put down roots. Among the tales of a never ending story and metaphorical signs of a past not yet forgotten. Inside the landscape created by the force ofthe Po.



Davide Bona

DAVIDE BONA Davide Bona was born in Carrara, 1982. He started taking photos around his early 20s. A few years later he quits his job in order to pursue his dreams as a photographer. His favourite subjects are people and animals. He collaborates with magazines, newspapers and develops long-term projects in the social are. He currently lives and works in Parma.



Like a caterpillar
“D. was doing some research when he read on a book that the possibility of an alternate path to the one of traditional hospitalization wasn’t so unreal after all. That’s how he ended up in the “family shelter” at Macinarsi’s farm where he found the kind of hospitality he was looking for. Here he works 3 hours a day taking care of the animals and in the fields, without being exploited, in exchange for board and lodging. He had always been skeptical towards those pointless periods of hospitalization and here he can improve himself on human level thanks to the rules of the countryside and the rhythm of cohabitation. Far away from temptation, bad habits and that consume-oriented attitude of our society that he hated so much. This self-imposed type of life choice wasn’t easy for a guy his age who was born and raised in the city.”